Craig Knox, Instructor
(revised 6/10)

Most sheet music materials available at:

* = Required core materials

* metronome (with sub-division capability)
* tuner (with pitch generator)
* recording device with built-in or external microphone, such as Zoom H2 or H4
* breathing tube (4" length of 3/4" diameter PVC pipe)
* mouthpiece rim visualizer (www.windsongpress.com)

* Arban: Method for Tuba (or Trombone)
* Bach: Cello Suites
* Baer: Tonic/Dominant Scales for Tuba
* Bordogni/Rochut: Melodious Etudes for trombone (or tuba edition by Wesley Jacobs)
* Blazhevich: 70 Studies
* Wesley Jacobs: Low Register Studies
* Wesley Jacobs: Developing High Register (3 volumes)
* Kopprasch/Young: 60 Studies
* Snedecor: Low Etudes for Tuba
Bach/Bixby/Bobo: Bach for the Tuba
Baer: Cross-Training Scales for Tuba
Blume: 36 Studies for Trombone with F-attachment
Charlier: Transcendental Etudes
Brad Edwards: Simply Singing for Winds
Getchell: First Book of Practical Studies
Wesley Jacobs: Loud Playing
Ostrander: Shifting Meter Studies
Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies
Tyrrell: Advanced Studies
Vasiliev: 24 Melodious Etudes


Stephen C. Colley: Tune-Up (Basic training, version for tuba) www.tuneupsystems.com
Kenneth Amis, ed., The Brass Player’s Cookbook
Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis
Don Greene, PhD: Fight Your Fear and Win, Performance Success, Centering
Jeffrey Agrell, Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians

Anderson: Lyri-Tech I
Arnold: Fantasy for Tuba
Arutiunian: Concerto
Baadsvik: Fnugg
Bach/Bell: Air and Bouree
Bach/Cooley: Partita in a minor
* Bach: Cello Suites
Barat: Introduction and Dance
Barnes: Concerto
Bencriscutto: Concertino
Bernstein: Waltz for Mippy III
Bozza: Concertino
* Broughton: Sonata
Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo
Casterede: Sonatine
Corwell: Aboriginal Voices
D’Almeida: Concerto
Defaye: Morceau de Concourse II
Ellerby: Concerto
Ewazen: Concerto
Gardonyi: Sonate
* Grant: Three Furies
* Gregson: Concerto
Gregson: Alarum
Haddad: Suite for Tuba
* Hartley: Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba
Hayden: Chaconne
* Hindemith: Sonata
Kellaway: The Morning Song
Koetsier: Sonatina
Koetsier: Concertino
Kraft: Encounters II
Larsen: Concert Piece
Lebedev: Concert Allegro
Lebedev: Concerto in One Movement
Lundquist: Landscape
Madsen: Sonata
Mahler/Carlson: Songs of a Wayfarer
Marcello: Sonatas for String Bass
* Penderecki: Capriccio
* Persichetti: Serenade No. 12
* Plau: Concerto
* Plog: Three Miniatures
Plog: Sonata
Plog: Statements
Plog: Concerto
Plog: Nocturne
Powell: Midnight Realities
(Solos, continued)      
Ross: Villanella
Salzedo: Sonata                   
Schumann/Cooley: Drie Romanzen
Schumann/Cooley: Adagio and Allegro
Schumann/Cooley: Fantasiestucke
Senaille: Introduction and Allegro Spirituoso
Shostakovich/Bobo: Adagio from “Limpid Stream”
Spillman: Four Greek Preludes
Spillman: Two Songs
Halsey Stevens: Sonatina
John Stevens: Salve Venere, Salve Marte
John Stevens: Suite No. 1 for solo tuba
* John Stevens: Journey (Concerto)
John Stevens: Triumph of the Demon Gods
Thomas Stevens: Variations in Olden Style
F. Strauss/Fischer: Nocturne
Strobel: Dans Profundo
Szentpali: Concerto
Szentpali: Caprices
Tcherepnin: Andante, op 64
Vaughan: Concertpiece #1
* Vaughan Williams: Six Studies in English Folksong
* Vaughan Williams: Concerto
* Wilder: Suite No. 1, “Effie”
Wilder: Sonata
* Rolf Wilhelm: Concertino
Earnest Williams: Second Concerto
* John Williams: Concerto
Woodward: Concerto
York: Concerto
York: Sonata "Shamanic Journey"
York: Elegy for an Angel
York: Directions
Zinos: Elegy for Tuba and Piano


Torchinsky excerpt books from www.encoremupub.com
Orchestral tuba parts from www.cherry-classics.com

Berlioz:                          Hungarian March
                                       Symphonie Fantastique
                                       Romeo and Juliet
                                       Benvenutto Cellini
                                       Corsaire Overture
                                       King Lear Overture
Brahms:                       Symphony 2
Bruckner:                     Symphonies 4,7,8
Franck:                         Symphony in d minor
Gershwin:                    An American in Paris
Groffe:                          Grand Canyon Suite
Hindemith:                  Symphonic Metamorphosis               
Holst:                           The Planets                  
Mahler:                        Symphonies 1,2,5,6
Mussorgsky/Ravel:   Pictures at an Exhibition
Nielsen:                      Symphony #4
Prokofiev:                    Symphony #5
                                      Romeo and Juliet
                                      Lt. Kije
Respighi:                    Fountains of Rome
Revueltas:                  Sensemaya
Shostakovich:            Symphony #9, 10
Strauss:                      Ein Heldenleben
                                     Till Eulenspiegel
                                     Also Sprach Zarathustra
Stravinsky:                  Petroushka
Verdi:                           Overture to La Forza del Destino
Wagner:                      Meistersinger Overture
                                     Ride of the Walkure
                                     Lohengrin, Act III Prelude


All of the Core Orchestral Excerpts, as well as:

Bach:   Cello Suites; keyboard works
Beethoven:  Symphonies
Bernstein:  Symphonic Dances from Westside Story
Brahms:  Symphonies; German Requiem
Copland:  Symphony 3
Debussy:  La Mer
Dvorak:  Symphonies 8,9
Elgar:   Enigma Variations      
Hindemith:  Mathis der Maler; Concertmusic for Strings and Brass
Janacek:  Sinfonietta
Kodaly:  Hary Janos Suite
Mahler:  Symphonies; Lieder
Mozart:  Symphonies; operatic works, overtures; horn concerti
Prokofiev:  Symphony 5,6; Alexander Nevsky; Romeo and Juliet Suites
Respighi:  Roman Trilogy (Pines, Fountains, Festivals)
Schubert:  Symphony 8,9
Shostakovich:  Symphony 1,5,6,7
Sibelius: Symphony 1,2,5 
Strauss:  Tone Poems; horn concerti
Stravinsky:  Rite of Spring
Tchaikovsky:  Symphonies 4,5,6; Romeo and Juliet Overture
Verdi:   opera overtures
Wagner:  operas; overtures


 Copyright 2010 Craig Knox, all rights reserved